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This Is A Total No Brainer, Anyone Can Do It!!!


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Dear Friend

Let’s get this straight. You are either broke or living from pay check to pay check. You are working your guts off to get your boss rich. That’s right, your boss NOT you. Did you know that JOB means Just Over Broke? Ever thought of what would happen if you lose your job? That’s why you are in need of a Plan B – Another Income Stream.


It’s about time you redirect your focus to a proven formula that can make YOU FINANCIALLY FREE!!




Self-Development Training:
This product is most important as it is everything your entire life is built upon, helping you to identify the warrior within- that warrior that is crying out for success. A robust library filled with hours of audio and video Self-development Training including:


  • Power of Influence
  • Brain Training
  • Self Confidence
  • Dealing with Rejection
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Positive Thinking
  • Raising your Energy Level
  • Easy to download reflections and inspirations for daily development
  • And lots more…


MOST OF ALL… You get full resellers’ rights allowing you to resell the products at 100% Commission.

It is strongly recommended that you begin at this level as self-development is key…it’s all about getting you on the right mind set.


Why you must join!!!

• The business can be easily run from home
• You break even on your first sale
• Run your business part-time or full-time
• No formal qualifications or licence required
• No previous experienced required, anyone can do it

However there is one benefit that is best of all – no cash flow worries – the business is cash positive; you break even from your first sale, you receive payment directly from your customers…no waiting for a company to pay you. That’s a very nice way of doing business.


Additional benefits when you join our team:

• Full support to members
• Prompt response to queries
• Additional resources on various streams of income
• 20% off on our Way2BetterLife coaching services

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Other Products Available at Different Sign up costs:



  • Business Development
    Contains loads of audio empowerment training, tips for marketing your business, lead generation, identifying your brand, moving forward in business development and so much more


  • Wealth Advantage
    Loads of tips and techniques on making money, managing money, saving money and lots more info on wealth management. You can make a million dollars but can you keep it? Here you are taught how to keep it.


  • Fitness and Lifestyle plan
    Containing healthy meal plans, workout plans, diet plans. What good is it if you’re being wealthy and not healthy enough to enjoy it?


  • Wealth Advantage Elite Package
    Complete Forex video course, stock market, real estate, various money making and saving strategies


  • Network Marketing Elite
    National Wealth Center CEO Peter Wolfing takes you on the inside of his 20 year journey in business and tells you exactly how to achieve network marketing success, A-Z training and prospecting, personal sales, video coaching, live monthly training.


No matter who you are, where you’re from, we believe that

National Wealth Center has something for you…


It’s not about who you are but WHO YOU BECOME!!


So why not JOIN us Today!


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